Ok, so I didn’t update like a said I would. Life happened, and also laziness. But I did come up with an estimate on how long the Recursive Resume app might take. Three weeks. That’s longer than I would like, but if I had just bit the bullet and started three weeks ago I could be halfway done by now. And if I had started six weeks ago I would also be halfway done.

recursion, no base case = infinite loop

My father thinks it should take less than three weeks. I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure. I’m going to try not to stretch too much past three weeks.

The plan is to build it in MySql, Node.js, Express.js and Angular.js. Some of you might be thinking “but Mongo!” to which I say “relationships are important to me.” Of those four (MySql, Node, Express, Angular) I am skilled in …… 0. I had a brief encounter with all of the above, though not together, several months ago, but I haven’t kept the little I learned. So, yes, I’ll have to be learning as I go. I realize that will be hard and scary at times, but I’m also excited. That’s how a real engineer would do it, just dive in and learn what’s needed as needed. If  When I pull this off it will be amazing for my self esteem.

In other news, I have high hopes for my new work station. It’s in the horrible, messy garage, with the bad light and the tripping hazards, but it’s worth it because TREADMILL DESK. I’m writing this post while I’m walking.

Why is that so exciting? Because I can stay awake and alert when I’m walking. I have this problem where I fall asleep involuntarily. A lot. It was a major contributing factor in my failure to complete the first bootcamp I went to. I was unable to stay awake during lectures and so was pretty lost in labs. I even feel asleep in a one-on-one tutoring session that was supposed to help me get back up to speed. In the second bootcamp I went to, I just requested they bring me my own podium in the back of the room and I used that as a standing desk during lecture. I got lazy towards the end of the course and tried sitting down for a few lectures. I didn’t stay awake for a single one of those (but I had alerted all the students and teachers that it might happen and so usually someone would wake me up and point to the podium. Good people).

Anyway, this is a problem if I’m to learn anything. I can usually stay awake when doing things, but in order to do a thing, you need to learn it at least a little.

You might be wondering why treadmill desk and not standing desk. I don’t love standing, I find it uncomfortable and therefore distracting. But walking is good, I don’t have to think about walking. And I remember I used to go on really long hikes and not mind walking for hours as long as my mind was occupied.

We already had the treadmill, we just bought a “SurfShelf” for around $40 and strapped it on and voila!

I’m secretly hoping that this will also be a good step on the path to getting healthy.


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